Q. What is KidGopher?


A. KidGopher is a secure child pick-up system that utilizes technology such as Smartphones or QRC scanning device, tablet displays, and digital signage displays, to provide a highly efficient and safe means for schools and churches to facilitate child pick-up.


QHow does the teacher in the car line communicate with staff inside the school?


A. KidGopher utilizes wireless technology to transmit vital pick-up information. When the parent or guardian arrives, the teacher in the car line will validate the guardian with a four-digit code.  The parent can enter it on a smartphone,  scan the GopherCard, or GopherTag. The teacher will then select the children who are identified with the Gopher profile that are to be picked up, and KidGopher will transmit that information to a large display inside the school’s staging area.


Q. Can I set up KidGopher on my own?


A. Setup is extremely easy and can be done quickly. The most difficult part is the input of student data into the system. That can be done much easier if you use a Student Information System like PowerSchool. Other than that, the installation of any displays you may want to use in your staging area or classroom can be done by a qualified AV integrator or your internal staff.


Q. Can I use the displays for other purposes?


A. Yes, this is one of the added benefits of KidGopher. If you are interested in having your displays showcase digital signage (such as announcements, menu options, etc.),  Hypersign+, our award winning digital signage solution, syncs easily with KidGopher. It is simple and easy to use. Hypersign Alert can also be installed to warn your faculty and students of an intruder, fire, or inclement weather warning.


Q. How can I be sure that this system is secure?


AThe KidGopher system utilizes encrypted technology with a secure user login.  The network is managed by school administrators who can place the same level of protection on this system as they place on all of the other school systems.


Q. What happens if a guardian isn’t set up in the system?


A. All guardians must be properly registered in KidGopher in order to maintain the highest level of security for the school and the students.  In the event that an unregistered guardian arrives for pick-up, the school will ask the driver to pull into a separate line or parking area to be manually validated.  At that time, the school should arrange to have that guardian added to the system if approved.


QCan we use existing flat panel displays for KidGopher?


A. Yes, as long as the inputs on the display can be adapted to an HDMI or DVI connector. View our system requirements to see all of the necessary equipment and requirements to run KidGopher.


QHow long will it take to set up KidGopher?


A. Setup can be very quick as long as some dependent systems are already in place. There are several steps in the process, many of which can be worked on at the same time.  The step that requires the most careful planning is registering the guardians. The best time to do this is at the beginning of the school year or Christmas break when guardians are in the building to visit their child’s teacher. 


Q. Will rain cause problems with the ipod touch or scanner?


A. The smartphone or tablet will need to have some sort of case in the event of inclement weather. Many manufacturers offer a variety of cases. The handheld reader is a rugged device that is waterproof.  The parent badges are plastic, and the scanning process only takes a few seconds to complete.


Q. Can I use an iPad or Samsung Galaxy for the tablet?


A. Yes, any tablet that can be used for internet browsing and has wireless capabilities can be utilized for KidGopher.


Q. What if I have a custody issue with a student and their parent has an issued GopherCard?


A. KidGopher admin interface allows you to edit your students profile and who is allowed to pick them up. These changes are in realtime and will de-authorize a driver, even if your pickup day has already started.


Q. I have several elementary schools in my district that would love to use KidGopher. Can KidGopher serve an entire school district?


A. Absolutely. KidGopher was designed to manage a large range of school types from individual private schools, to large school districts. System Admin can use single login capability to manage all of the schools' settings.


Q. My child is picked up by a daycare at school. Is there a way to know that my child got on the daycare van safely?


A. When setting up your child’s profile, you have the option of activating notifications, which will send you an email or text message when your child boards the daycare van or carpool vehicle.


Q. What will prevent an unauthorized person from obtaining a GopherCard and picking up a student?


A. KidGopher validates the identity of the driver in two ways: possession of the pin code or GopherCard and a verification photo, similar to a photo from a driver’s license. KidGopher enables a higher level of security in this process because, unlike a driver’s license photo that can change hands, the KidGopher photo is maintained within the system.  Therefore, it cannot be manipulated. The greeting teacher inputting the pin code or scanning the GopherCard, validates the driver by comparing the system photo.


Q. I really think KidGopher could be right for my school. Who can I contact to learn more about KidGopher?


A. Contact us today and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.   Click here to view our brochure.