How It Works

  • KidGopher is a secure child pick-up system designed in partnership with educators to ensure a safe and efficient dismissal.

  • KidGopher utilizes the latest technologies, including an Apple ipod touch or RFID scanner, digital television displays and a tablet device such as an Apple ipad.

  • In the initial setup, a school will determine the number of car lines it will run for pick up.

  • Guardians (or “Gophers”) will have a profile created and will either be assigned a 4 digit pin code, or a Gopher card. Their profile will include contact information, information about the child, and photo identification of the parent(s) and of the child or children. Each pin number or gopher card will be associated with the student(s) that Gopher is permitted to pick up.

  • School administrators will set up each student’s account, utilizing the KidGopher Software.

  • At the time of pickup, a teacher will greet each car and either have the parent enter their four-digit pin code, or scan the Gopher card with the RFID scanner

  • The ipod touch or scanner will display a list of eligible students the Gopher may pick up.

  • The teacher will select the students to be picked up based upon the Gopher’s input (all eligible are defaulted for selection).

  • Once selected, the system will add the students to the queue, and this information will be displayed via digital television displays in the room where the students are staged for pick-up.

  • A teacher will facilitate the student line order based upon the pick-up queue and help students to their cars.

  • The teacher at the loading area will have a tablet that displays the student’s name and photo once they are in the queue.

  • As the teacher loads each student, the teacher inputs to the tablet that the student has been matched to his/her Gopher.

  • An electronic record is created that reflects the time and event of pick-up.

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